Yoga Mat and Straps




Yin Yoga is a luxuriously relaxing and nourishing yoga practice, there are no down-dogs, sun salutations or headstands. Using props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets, the lying or seated postures are typically held between 3 to 5 minutes, allowing us to work into the deeper layers of myofascial and connective tissue. It is said that the effects of practicing Yin for an hour can be similar to a deep tissue massage. As well as improving overall wellbeing and reducing stress, Yin improves range of motion and flexibility in the limbs, lengthens muscles, supports bone, joint and ligament health and helps us to avoid injury.


Hatha yoga incorporates using mindfulness, postures and breathing techniques to improve physical strength and flexibility as well as general wellbeing and focus. Hatha tends to be taught at a slower pace and each posture is held for a certain number of breaths, this allows us to really work into the pose safely whilst gaining the most benefit. Each class will be based on a different theme, helping us to harness what we learn on the mat in order to enhance our lives outside of the studio.


Yin/Yang yoga incorporates both the slow-paced Yin yoga with the traditional more active Yang or Hatha yoga. This practice uses both types of yoga to provide both physical and spiritual balance, improve energy and fitness while promoting relaxation and healing.