Is There an On-Site Spa at the Yoga Retreat in Suffolk?

Discover what this yoga retreat in Suffolk has to offer including an on-site spa with more than a dozen facials, gemstone treatments, foot treatments for couples, floating meditation on the menu and more.

Is There an On-Site Spa at the Yoga Retreat in Suffolk?

A rejuvenating retreat in the beautiful Suffolk countryside is what you can expect when you visit the yoga retreat. Along with a spa, gym, and Clubhouse restaurant, there is also an on-site spa and outdoor hot tub to relax in. Making real change in life can be difficult, but it is much easier when you can get away from the daily routine and find a place that offers physical, psychological, and spiritual offerings. At Carillon Miami, there are training camps, boxing courses, HIIT classes, yoga classes, and a hydrotherapy circuit.

During the weekend, there will be eight hours of yoga with guided meditation. Non-members are welcome to stay at Retreat East for the night. This membership club was created by Dominic Richards who bought the abandoned dairy farm 15 years ago. If you plan to stay at the campsite, all the barns have cooking facilities and all the necessary kitchen utensils to prepare a meal.

The spa offer is extensive with more than a dozen facials, gemstone treatments, foot treatments for couples, and floating meditation on the menu. Those who want to go deeper can book The Ranch Private experience which is a one-week program that is tailored to their needs and takes place away from the group wellness retreat. The seating areas are warm and comfortable with interesting images and artifacts. There are also plenty of individual spaces if you want to be alone.

Amangiri offers Grounding Journey which is a trio of spa treatments that encourage reconnection, stillness, and perspective. They also offer Movement Journey spa treatments combined with movement and yoga sessions on top of a rock formation with panoramic views of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.Jackie Heffer-Cooke teaches in a pragmatic and casual style while exploring the depths of yoga practice. She explains how yoga can help in daily life from using it as exercise or energy to dealing with anxiety or stress. At this five-star resort located on one of the longest beaches in Miami Beach, you can enjoy a slow pace, natural hot springs, farm-to-table food, and abundant spa services and yoga classes.

The ranch's seven-day wellness retreat is limited to 25 guests per week and includes fitness programs and local plant-based meals.Retreat East offers various accommodations from cozy rooms for two people to a four-bed cottage that can accommodate eight people. Whether you are looking for an immersive health experience or just want to relax in a hot tub surrounded by nature, this yoga retreat in Suffolk has something for everyone.