It takes courage to be you...

It takes courage to be you, to stand there in your raw, imperfect beauty.

It takes courage to show the world your soul and not to hide behind your cloak of invisibility.

This cloak is woven from when we are young, young enough to want to be loved and to fit in.

Sewn with threads of should dos and should nots, pieces of old, tired fabric crafted over generations

Fabricated stories cling to us and cover our shame.

It feels safe within our ill-fitting cloak, made years ago, before you even knew what it was that made you… you.

And yet, here you are, removing the garment that was given to you, shedding the burden.

Removing the bits that never felt right and keeping the best parts.

Working them into a new gown, one that suits you better and one that you chose to wear or not.

It takes so much courage for you to be you and for me to be me. We see that in each other.


Mair Potter

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